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University of Surrey

1204, 2017

RICHFIELDS – What do we know about ‘Big Data’?

Big food researchers RICE Sweden, AAU-CPH, GS1 Denmark and DIL Germany invited stakeholders from the food sector to a workshop to present RICHFIELDS findings on business and lab generated data. The issues linked to data [...]

1303, 2017

The quantified self

Emerging innovations in self-monitoring applications have the potential to revolutionise the collection of dietary and lifestyle data, and support consumers in adopting and maintaining a healthy diet and active lifestyle. Wageningen University has introduced a [...]

902, 2017

How big is big food data?

Can we understand consumer behaviour through digital traces of food purchasing? Register for the Richfields Multi-Stakeholder Workshop on Big Food Data.  This workshop is to present the first findings from a study in the Richfields WP8 [...]

802, 2017

RICHFIELDS paper: Linked data sharing to foster consumer based science enabled by RICHFIELDS

RICHFIELDS paper "Linked Data Sharing to Foster Consumer Based Science Enabled by RICHFIELDS", presented at the conference Measuring Behavior 2016, Dublin, Ireland. This paper gives an overview of the RICHFIELDS project. RICHFIELDS aims at designing [...]

802, 2017

RICHFIELDS paper: Measuring food choice and consumption behaviour with real, fake or virtual food realities

RICHFIELDS paper "Measuring Food Choice and Consumption Behaviour with Real, Fake or Virtual Food Realities – a Comparative Approach from the RICHFIELDS Program", presented at the conference Measuring Behavior 2016, Dublin, Ireland. The aim of [...]

1711, 2016

Stakeholders’ workshop – Food and health big data

On Tuesday 27th September 2016, RICHFIELDS was pleased to welcome nine stakeholders and ten beneficiaries to the first of three RICHFIELDS Stakeholders’ workshops in Schiphol, The Netherlands. The main objective of this workshop was to [...]