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Impact & Dissemination

European Food Information Council (EUFIC)

Stakeholder Interaction


Methodological Support and Data Platform Design

University of Surrey

1711, 2016
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Stakeholders’ workshop – Food and health big data

On Tuesday 27th September 2016, RICHFIELDS was pleased to welcome nine stakeholders and ten beneficiaries to the first of three RICHFIELDS Stakeholders’ workshops in Schiphol, The Netherlands. The main objective of this workshop was to [...]

709, 2016
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Exploring the definition of end-user

WP 4 will be leading an activity to identify the user needs and requirements for the RICHFIELDS research platform. This will involve engaging with potential RICHFIELDS users and identifying their requirements, to ensure RICHFIELDS can support its [...]

1008, 2016
  • eufir

Stakeholder Platform – Introduction to RICHFIELDS

On Thursday 2nd June 2016, we were pleased to welcome 28 delegates representing research funding bodies, retailors, public health, food and ingredients industries, researchers, non-governmental organisations, universities, ICT providers, and science communicators, as well as [...]

1008, 2016
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How businesses make sense of consumer shopping patterns

The activities in WP 8 are related to understanding how businesses collect data on consumer behavior. Aalborg University, GS1 Denmark and SP Sweden have teamed up to find, understand, interview and analyse all together four [...]

1008, 2016
  • jozef

Development of wireless kitchen scale

RICHFIELDS WP9 consists of four case studies that will explore the potential for delivering data and content to the Research Infrastructure Consumer Data Platform from existing or currently under development research infrastructure. The case studies will [...]

108, 2016
  • dil

Mapping research labs across Europe

Deutsches Institut für Lebensmitteltechnik e.V.(DIL) As part of phase 2 (in RICHFIELDS), we are looking at various research laboratories across Europe. We want to understand what facilities exist that research consumer behaviour with regards to [...]