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Designing a research infrastructure (RI) on food behaviour and health: Balancing user needs, business model, governance mechanisms and technology

RICHFIELDS partners have published some of the final results of the project in the scientific journal Trends in Food Science & Technology. Click here to read the publication. Highlights of the publication: There is a need to better support science on food intake and its determinants (DI).DI Platform links consumer, business, science-generated data on food [...]

User-documented food consumption data from publicly available apps: an analysis of opportunities and challenges for nutrition research

Richfields partners Marcus Maringer , Pieter van’t Veer , Naomi Klepacz , Muriel C. D. Verain , Anne Normann , Suzanne Ekman , Lada Timotijevic , Monique M. Raats and Anouk Geelen have recently published a new paper in the Nutrition Journal. The need for a better understanding of food consumption behaviour within its behavioural [...]

New RICHFIELDS project leaflet

The new RICHFIELDS project leaflet illustrates the outcomes of the project and its role in the building of the first Research Infrastructure on Food, Nutrition and Health (FNH-RI) in Europe. Download the leaflet here or see below.

RICHFIELDS – Final Event 2018 in Brussels, Belgium

On Tuesday 18th September 2018, EuroFIR hosted the RICHFIELDS final conference in Brussels. The conference marked the culmination of the project which, over the last three years, designed a consumer-data platform to collect and connect, compare and share information about food behaviours, to revolutionise research on every-day choices made across Europe. The event was attended [...]

Workshop: Future Directions for Research Infrastructures for Food, Nutrition & Health

The department of Nutrition at University of Oslo hosted an international workshop to explore future directions for Research Infrastructures for Food, Nutrition & Health (FNR-RI) in Norway and Europe. The presentations used can be downloaded by the following link:  

Blog post: Healthy food and a sustainable food system: two sides of the coin

drs. Thom Achterbosch,Senior Researcher, Wageningen University & Research How to stimulate large groups of people to make healthier and more sustainable food choices? As a scientist, I find this question intriguing. The focus of attention is not on the individual consumer’s behaviour, but on the food system this consumer is part of. This system provides the context [...]

Event: Naukas September 2017 (Spanish)

Javier de la Cueva, Professor, University of Madrid On the 15th of September 2017, RICHFIELDS partner, Javier de la Cueva introduced  Horizon 2020 framework and the  Richfields project at Naukas. The event was organized by Naukas, a group of science lovers, and the Cátedra of Divulgación Científica (Department of Science dissemination) from the [...]

Blog post: More room needed to develop viable products step by step

Drs. Hennie van der Veen, DLO Researcher,Wageningen University & Research The first text processor that I worked with has barely anything in common with those of today. You could type, edit and delete texts and it was possible to save and print files. The developers knew that their product at that point wasn’t [...]

Blog post: Better solutions for challenges that transcend domains

Mari WighamResearcher Food Informatics, Wageningen University & Research Throughout my career in the world of applied research, I have always worked at the interface of various disciplines. In my current job as Food Informatics researcher at Wageningen Food & Biobased Research, this situation remains unchanged. With my technical and analytical skills, I have the pleasure [...]

RICHFIELDs stakeholder workshop – Envisaging a Consumer Data Platform

Despite the snow, disrupted travel – some experienced unscheduled visits Liège, Luxemburg or Dusseldorf – and a power cut across Ixelles-Elsene, RICHFIELDS was pleased to welcome 16 stakeholders and 12 beneficiaries to the third and final RICHFIELDS Stakeholders’ workshop on the 11-12th December 2017 at the Pentahotel Brussels City Centre (BE). Stakeholders included individuals with [...]