Karin Zimmermann, Programme leader Research Infrastructures Food, Nutrition and Health, and Senior Researcher at Wageningen Economic Research

Food and health are inextricably related to each other. We all know that we need a healthy and varied diet. We also know that too much fat, sugar or salt is bad for our health. It is up to science to devise solutions for problems related to food and health: which factors, such as habits, lifestyle, preferences and taste, play a role in consumer food choice behaviour? How, for example, can ‘personalised nutrition‘ help the consumer avoid developing specific health complaints? How can we ensure that a healthy choice becomes the consumer’s habitual choice? And how should we anticipate climate change and economic fluctuations to provide assurances for food security? A research infrastructure for food, nutrition and health will help answer this question… Read the full story at https://weblog.wur.eu/fnh-ri/one-infrastructure-boosts-european-food-and-health-research/