Work package leader: Aalborg University (AAU)

Aim: To identify and investigate best practices cases of extracting data on buying and procurement behaviour from existing data sources and using new technologies and devices of the farm to fork supply chain (retail, food service and E-commerce), to be utilised by the RI Consumer Data Platform.

The tasks include:

  • To analyse six cases of extracting data form B2B and B2B sources on food purchasing and procurement in two countries and in three business cases (retail (B2C) and foodservice (B2B))
  • To investigate how Integrated Circuit (IC) technology can be used to make data capture more convenient for data capture
  • To study the ethical dimensions of such capture based on interviews with key stakeholders
  • To give advice and recommendations on future research and policy
  • To define the connection towards the RI Consumer Data Platform and conclude on gaps and needs and formulate recommendations for it


D8.1 Report on case studies

D8.2 Report on IC options

D8.3 Report on 4 cases stakeholder workshop

D8.4 Report on recommendations on future research and policy