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Blog post: More room needed to develop viable products step by step

Drs. Hennie van der Veen, DLO Researcher,Wageningen University & Research The first text processor that I worked with has barely anything in common with those of today. You could type, edit and delete texts and it was possible to save and print files. The developers knew that their product at that point wasn’t [...]

Blog post: Better solutions for challenges that transcend domains

Mari WighamResearcher Food Informatics, Wageningen University & Research Throughout my career in the world of applied research, I have always worked at the interface of various disciplines. In my current job as Food Informatics researcher at Wageningen Food & Biobased Research, this situation remains unchanged. With my technical and analytical skills, I have the pleasure [...]

RICHFIELDs stakeholder workshop – Envisaging a Consumer Data Platform

Despite the snow, disrupted travel – some experienced unscheduled visits Liège, Luxemburg or Dusseldorf – and a power cut across Ixelles-Elsene, RICHFIELDS was pleased to welcome 16 stakeholders and 12 beneficiaries to the third and final RICHFIELDS Stakeholders’ workshop on the 11-12th December 2017 at the Pentahotel Brussels City Centre (BE). Stakeholders included individuals with [...]

Digitising agriculture and food value chains

Friday, November 17 Monique Raats (Food, Consumer Behaviour and Health Research Centre in the University of Surrey) presented on behalf of RICHFIELDS at the event - "Digitising agriculture and food value chains - Research and innovation delivering on EU policy objectives" The agenda is below and her presentation can be found here.  

Blog post: New EU privacy legislation has significant consequences for researchers

Trond Selnes, Wageningen Economic Research It’s nearly time for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This new European privacy legislation will come into force for all Member States on 25 May 2018. While I do believe that this is excellent legislation that attempts to guarantee the privacy of citizens, it has significant consequences [...]

Blog post: Smart Food Intake: uncovering the reasons behind our food choices

Dr Muriel Verain, consumer scientist, Wageningen Economic Research Why does one person have an apple for their afternoon snack, while someone else has a slice of pizza? As nutritional scientists, we are finding out more and more about what people eat within a single day. We also know that context is king. Where [...]

Blog post: Closer collaboration between scientific disciplines leads to health benefits

Pieter Van 't Veer, Professor in Nutrition, Public Health and Sustainability, Wageningen University & Research The key to a long and healthy life is a balanced and healthy diet. Thanks to biomedical research – scientific research in the field of medicine – we are now well aware what a healthy diet needs to [...]

RICHFIELDS Plenary Project Meeting

RICHFIELD held their plenary project meeting in Lyon, France in the past November. Take a look at the tweets & faces behind the RICHFIELDS plenary project meeting in Lyon, covering consumer food behaviour, data sharing & more! [View the story "RICHFIELDS Plenary Project Meeting" on Storify]

Big food data meeting in Lund attracts 30 experts from around the Nordics

A good insight and understanding of big food data might help us get on the road to world class insight in consumer food practices. This was the pitch for the meeting held at Lunds University, by RICHFIELDS partners... Download the full slides here.

RICHFIELDS paper: NutriNet: A deep learning food and drink image recognition system for dietary assessment

RICHFIELDS partners have published a new scientific paper. Automatic food image recognition systems are alleviating the process of food-intake estimation and dietary assessment. However, due to the nature of food images, their recognition is a particularly challenging task, which is why traditional approaches in the field have achieved a low classification accuracy. We present a [...]