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RICHFIELDS – The movie

How can we improve healthy and sustainable diets in Europe?  This documentary takes a look back on the hard work done by the project RICHFIELDS and the "coming soon" FNH-RI (Research Infrastructure on Food, Nutrition and Health). It describes the main objectives and challenges encountered throughout this three-year project and shows the main highlights and [...]

RICHFIELDS Video: three years in review

Is it possible to increase the sustainability of food production while getting people to eat more healthy diets? After three years of in-depth research into how to collect and share information about consumers' health and food behavior, the EU-funded project RICHFIELDS presents a vision for revolutionizing future research.

RICH2020 Symposium

On the 8th of May, Giacomo Copini (Institute of Industrial Technologies and Automation) attended RICH2020 Symposium in Lisbon to disseminate the RICHFIELDS projects. This symposium was organised with the collaboration of  the Directorate General for Research and Innovation (DG RTD), aiming to foster the innovation potential of research infrastructures.  

Food and health big data: What can be measured and what can be inferred?

On Tuesday 4th April 2017, RICHFIELDS welcomed some of its stakeholders and beneficiaries to the second of three RICHFIELDS Stakeholders’ workshops. The main objective of this workshop was to reflect on our scientific aims and vision, and the work performed thus far. Recommendations from this workshop will help shape the design, particularly with respect to [...]

RICHFIELDS road trip connecting laboratories and facilities

RICHFIELDS partners, Dr Sophie Hieke (DIL) and Dr Tamara Bucher‏ (ETH) have been on the road exploring the potential for laboratories and facilities to connect with the RICHFIELDS research infrastructure. The aim of this work package is to connect research laboratories and facilities across Europe to enable a more holistic approach to studying consumers, food and [...]

Developing RICHFIELDS’ core offering – Brussels, 4 April

RICHFIELDS invited stakeholders to provide feedback on the project’s scientific aims and vision – specifically the core offering and minimum viable product at a workshop in Brussels, 4 April 2017. The workshop identified the potential motivators and barriers for researchers, businesses, and consumers to collaborate and share data with the proposed consumer data platform. Individuals [...]

Applications for monitoring food behaviour

Many people use technology such as mobile apps to monitor certain aspects of their behaviours. In response to this trend there has been an increase in the number of applications geared towards recording and improving peoples’ food consumption and lifestyle behaviour. The dataset includes a total of 256 food consumption apps. The most normal use [...]

The importance of RICHFIELDS

  Igor Spiroski, MD, PhD It is always a challenge to be in a competitive and highly influential research environment. RICHFIELDS comprises excellent scientists but also people who apply science in order to provide the best possible information to the consumers. I have worked with some of these scientists on different projects and initiatives in [...]

The relationship between science & IT

Fred van Alphen Given the broad scope and potentially huge amount of data and all the challenges involved with that, I accepted the offer to participate in RICHFIELDS Project Advisory Board. The fact that this is a European wide project, that involves a range of European Scientific institutes makes it a challenge and honor to be [...]

Creating healthy partnerships

  Anneke van Kollenburg. I was drawn to participate in the RICHFIELDS project as it was an introduction to a whole new world for me. It was the connection between the research being done by RICHFIELDS and commercial projects I'm working on that motivated me to share ideas and help the project. I believe it [...]