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Meet the Project Advisory Board (PAB)

  Anneke van Kollenburg "I was drawn to participate in the RICHFIELDS project as it was an introduction to a whole new world for me. It was the connection between the research being done by RICHFIELDS and commercial projects I'm working on that motivated me to share ideas and help the project. I believe it [...]

Stakeholders’ workshop – Food and health big data

On Tuesday 27th September 2016, RICHFIELDS was pleased to welcome nine stakeholders and ten beneficiaries to the first of three RICHFIELDS Stakeholders’ workshops in Schiphol, The Netherlands. The main objective of this workshop was to bring together experts to discuss the potential use of food-related big data in consumer science. Food-related big data can be [...]

A word from the coordinator

I welcome you to our first issue of the RICHFIELDS newsletter, bringing you the latest updates on the project’s progress and activities. This first year of the project has brought many inspiring activities. We have hosted a number of international stakeholder workshops, introducing RICHFIELDS to our stakeholder community and exploring their needs and ideas. I [...]

Stakeholder Platform – Introduction to RICHFIELDS

On Thursday 2nd June 2016, we were pleased to welcome 28 delegates representing research funding bodies, retailors, public health, food and ingredients industries, researchers, non-governmental organisations, universities, ICT providers, and science communicators, as well as representatives from some of the partners, from the UK, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands, Demark, and Italy, to the first [...]

How businesses make sense of consumer shopping patterns

The activities in WP 8 are related to understanding how businesses collect data on consumer behavior. Aalborg University, GS1 Denmark and SP Sweden have teamed up to find, understand, interview and analyse all together four cases of business generated data – two cases in each country. The interviews have now been carried out and we [...]