Work package leader: German Institute of Food Technologies (DIL)

To illustrate, explore and feed phase 3 of RICHFIELDS (Designing the Research Infrastructure Platform), especially the work package “Data Integration and Management”, with links and information to be utilised by the RI Consumer Data Platform.

The tasks include:

  • To identify and map laboratories and facilities in the EU-28 addressing food choice, purchase, and consumption of food, including health and lifestyle aspects
  • To produce case studies on select facilities that cover food choice, purchase and consumption measures (incl. health and lifestyle), assess the (raw) data they produce, and how the data can be linked in future research infrastructure
  • To draft protocols on harmonising data collection for food choice, purchase and consumption of food as well as the linking of these data
  • To define a possible connection towards the RI Consumer Data Platform and formulate recommendations regarding gaps and needs for the RI Consumer Data Platform


D10.1 Position document ‘Laboratories and research facilities in the field of food and health consumer behaviour and lifestyle’

D10.2 Vision document ‘Purchase behaviour data and information to be used by the RICHFIELDS data cloud’

D10.3 Vision document ‘Out of home consumption data and information for the RI Consumer Data Platform’

D10.4 Integrated report of WP10 activities for Synthesis Report of Task 4.2