Work package leader: Institute of Food Research (IFR)

Aim: To identify, analyse and test the feasibility of implementing or linking with data and supporting information (both technical and content) from existing and new research infrastructures that could be linked to, or enrich, the RI Consumer Data Platform.

The tasks include:

  • To analyse data on: a) food composition & attributes; b) a case on standardised dietary intake for population-based intake assessments; c) clinical intervention studies; d) diet, health and lifestyle
  • To define the conceptual connection of these ongoing research infrastructures towards the RI Consumer Data Platform in order to deliver data and supporting information in the future
  • To conclude on gaps and needs, and to formulate recommendations for the RI Consumer Data Platform


9.1 Integrated report on four case studies and proposed data outputs for RI Consumer Data Platform

9.2 Final report with recommendations for a new framework for future collaboration and interfacing between existing RIs and the RI Consumer Data Platform

9.3 Scientific manuscript on overall case study outcomes and future frameworks