Work package leader: Wageningen UR (WUR)

To assess and identify gaps and needs of in situ and real-time consumer-generated data on food consumption behaviour and lifestyle at home and out-of-home; what is consumed, how much was consumed, by who, where, when, how and why.

The tasks include:

  • To identify relevant types of consumption data and data collection methodologies, including related lifestyle data
  • To define quality criteria for the data, tools, and/or methods and apply these to the results of the inventory
  • To assess future needs and opportunities that fills the current data gaps in food consumption behaviour and that advance data quality
  • To derive implications for the design of the RI Consumer Data Platform


D7.1_Report on inventory of types of consumption data and data collection methodologies

D7.3_List of quality criteria_WP7

D7.4 Paper on quality criteria and overview of criteria applied to available data/methods

D7.5 Report on gaps and needs