Anneke van Kollenburg.

I was drawn to participate in the RICHFIELDS project as it was an introduction to a whole new world for me. It was the connection between the research being done by RICHFIELDS and commercial projects I’m working on that motivated me to share ideas and help the project. I believe it is very important to find the link between healthy food and healthy homes.

As part of the RICHFIELDS project I can share my knowledge on building a data platform with a successful business model. I can contribute by creating healthy partnerships that benefit all partners. I also have a specific focus on value creation for users and my user perspective can be beneficial to the project.

Bio: Anneke van Kollenburg is Innovation Manager at Eneco, a company focused on sustainability and the environment. She has experience in strategic marketing, marketing management, innovation and early stage marketing, and translating consumer needs into products and services. She has a business degree from Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Learn more about Anneke at her LinkedIn profile.