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Designing a world-class infrastructure to facilitate research
RICHFIELDS’ plenary meeting
What will be the core offering of the RICHFIELDS research infrastructure? What will be its value? The RICHFIELDS partners discussed in snowy Gothenburg, Sweden, 7-8 March. See the social media highlights! [...]
RICHFIELDS’ advisory board
Meet the Project Advisory Board (PAB) of RICHFIELDS! PAB members are experts who provide feedback to the consortium on the relevance and legitimacy of their results. [...]
What do we know about ‘Big Data’?
Big food researchers invited our stakeholders from the food sector to a workshop presenting RICHFIELDS findings on business and lab generated data. The issues linked to data sharing were deliberated. [...]
Applications for monitoring food behaviour
Many people use technology such as mobile apps to monitor certain aspects of their behaviours. In response to this trend there has been an increase in the number of applications geared towards recording [...]
Fostering consumer based science (Paper)
‘Linked data sharing to foster consumer based science enabled by RICHFIELDS’ gives an overview of the RICHFIELDS project and its aims of designing a Research Infrastructure on consumer behaviour and food intake [...]
Developing RICHFIELDs’ core offering
RICHFIELDS invited stakeholders to provide feedback on the project’s scientific aims and vision – specifically the core offering and minimum viable product at a workshop in Brussels, 4 April 2017. [...]
Measuring behaviour with
real, fake or virtual food realities (Paper)
‘Measuring food choice and consumption behaviour with real, fake or virtual food realities’ gives an overview of selected food labs and the options they present for consumer research. [...]
RICHFIELDS road trip connecting laboratories and facilities
RICHFIELDS partners, Dr Sophie Hieke (DIL) and Dr Tamara Bucher‏ (ETH) have been on the road exploring the potential for laboratories and facilities to connect with the RICHFIELDS [...]
RICHFIELDS @ upcoming events
Health, Food & Technology conference June 15, 2017.
Irish section conference June 23, 3017.
RICHFIELDS Nordic stakeholder workshop, September 11, 2017
Max Rubner conference October 9, 2017.
This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 654280
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