On Tuesday 18th September 2018, EuroFIR hosted the RICHFIELDS final conference in Brussels. The conference marked the culmination of the project which, over the last three years, designed a consumer-data platform to collect and connect, compare and share information about food behaviours, to revolutionise research on every-day choices made across Europe. The event was attended by around 70 participants who work directly and indirectly with the theme of data-driven consumer research in the field of food and health.

The main aim of the conference was to highlight key results and elaborate on the way forward. The event was inaugurated with a keynote speech by Peter M. Abuja from the Medical University of Graz, followed by presentations on ‘Designing a Consumer-Data Platform’ by Lada Timotijevic from the University of Surrey, Bent Egberg Mikkelsen from Aalborg University, and Monique Raats from the University of Surrey. The first session concluded with a panel discussion about the same, moderated by Krijn Poppe from Wageningen University.

The second session focused on ‘Science Needs & Community Building’ with Pieter van ‘t Veer from Wageningen University elaborating on how the results from the RICHFIELDS project could be used for future research and endeavours in the field. This was followed by a second panel discussion, moderated once again, by Krijn Poppe. The conference concluded with a presentation from Karin Zimmerman, the project co-ordinator for RICHFIELDS. The highlight of the event were well-informed discussions on the topics of data privacy, open science, funding for research infrastructure, and the role played by citizen science and consumer studies in delivering robust results.

Download the presentations below:

  • Download presentation 1: Bent E. Mikkelsen & Kwabena T. Ofei – Potentials of consumer-, research- & business-generated data
  • Download presentation 2: Karin Zimmermann – Realising the FNH-RI: Roadmap
  • Download presentation 3: Lada Timotijevic – Research Infrastructure on Consumer Health and Food Intake
  • Download presentation 4: Monique Raats – RICHFIELDS Data sharing survey in eight EU Member States
  • Download presentation 5: Peter M. Abuja – Coordinated Research Infrastructures Building Enduring Life-science services
  • Download presentation 6: Pieter van ‘t Veer – Expanding the science case for FNH-RI: Moving on from RICHFIELDS