RICHFIELDS partners, Dr Sophie Hieke (DIL) and Dr Tamara Bucher‏ (ETH) have been on the road exploring the potential for laboratories and facilities to connect with the RICHFIELDS research infrastructure.

The aim of this work package is to connect research laboratories and facilities across Europe to enable a more holistic approach to studying consumers, food and health. By mapping what is out there and talking to various labs, we want to better understand what type of data is generated, how (i.e. through which technological devices) it is captured and stored and as such how it could be accessed. We also look into the ethical requirements of data privacy, ownership and what that means for sharing data through a research infrastructure like RICHFIELDS. Lastly, we investigate what type of business models underlie these different facilities as we hope this can inform the design of an appropriate business model for RICHFIELDS: user strategy (who are the users), access rights (who can access what, how and why) and how all of this could be managed through a research infrastructure.

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