On Thursday 2nd June 2016, we were pleased to welcome 28 delegates representing research funding bodies, retailors, public health, food and ingredients industries, researchers, non-governmental organisations, universities, ICT providers, and science communicators, as well as representatives from some of the partners, from the UK, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands, Demark, and Italy, to the first RICHFIELDS Stakeholders’ Platform (Brussels, BE).

The aim of this symposium was to introduce RICHFIELDS to our stakeholder community, and explore their needs and ideas to understand and better use consumer-generated data.

Petra Goyens (European Commission, BE) presented some of the issues DG Research & Innovation is discussing with respect to future-proofing our nutrition and food systems, and Karin Zimmermann (Wageningen Economic Research, NL) introduced RICHFIELDS.

Before the delegates broke into their assigned groups, Krijn Poppe (Wageningen Economic Research, NL) explained some of the concepts behind the topics for discussion, which included consumers with different needs and perspectives (e.g. type-2 diabetes, life stages, sporty, ethical and health eating). In the first session, participants were asked to consider what types of consumer data are relevant, who is producing these data, what the minimum data requirements might be, what might be possible in two-five years (short-term) or 10 years (long-term) time, and where data exchange taking place now and where it might take place in the future. In the second interactive session, the delegates explored the services that might be useful for stakeholders or facilitate high quality research, what services could be useful for the food industry, and those services that might help policy-makers and public health. Monique Raats (University of Surrey, UK) and KwabenaTiti Ofei (Aalborg Universitet, DK) presented feedback from the sessions and will be included in a report for future consideration by Phase 3 of the project, which is responsible for design of the proposed Research Infrastructure.

The Stakeholders’ Platform is an ideal forum for stakeholders to learn about RICHFIELDS and make contact with researchers improving knowledge about healthy food choices. If you were not able to attend but would be interested in learning more about RICHFIELDS and our activities, please contact Dr Siân Astley (sa@eurofir.org), visit www.richfields.eu or follow us at @SciFoodHealth and LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/groups/7484314).

D3.1 Report from first Stakeholder Platform meeting