Fred van Alphen

Given the broad scope and potentially huge amount of data and all the challenges involved with that, I accepted the offer to participate in RICHFIELDS Project Advisory Board. The fact that this is a European wide project, that involves a range of European Scientific institutes makes it a challenge and honor to be able to participate.

My contribution is one of knowledge and experience of real life, dealing with challenges, questions and solutions in the IT and Big Data industries. Where science is traditionally used to contained and structured environments, based on hypothesis and upfront definitions, the real world is much more complex, with much more variables and uncertainties and non-controlled data and subjectivisms. Science is grasping this and is working more and more with unstructured, real-life data and environments. I see that my contribution lies in advising and helping, based on that knowledge.

This project is of importance, as food (purchase, preparation and consumption) is key in our existence and our health. The scope of the right availability and use of food has an impact on the social, political and economic aspect and hence the stability in our world. It defines health and prosperity. From an IT perspective the scope of the project (the data and need for an IT environment) goes to the edge and possible beyond of what has been done in ways of collecting and defining data on a certain topic.

Bio: Fred Van Alphen has been the COO of a software company for the past 7 years, with the position of Managing Director in a consulting organisation for middle and high school education institutes in his future. He has gained over 20 years of experience in ICT, data mining, BI, predictive analytics and big data. He has overall 21 years in leadership and director roles. He graduated with a Bachelor degree in Political Sciences and business from Erasmus University Rotterdam. Fred live in Gorinchem, Netherlands and is married and with two children.

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